SOLIDARITY: Appalachian Coal + Shale Gas + Tar Sands

My master, with over a hundred others before arrest, supported for hours by thousands of ralliers in Washington, D.C. to protest the Tar Sands Keystone XL Pipeline

See the very bottom of this post (below the video) for an important update (14 Feb 2012).

As you are reading this, thousands of humans are both celebrating and preparing for something big. They are united in a common belief that our environment is borrowed from future generations. These humans seek what they call environmental justice, and they do it because they understand environmental justice and social justice are two sides of the same coin.

You see, justice-seeeking causes are not about “loving the environment” vs.”loving your brother.” It’s about more than both: My observation is that most humans who are kind to each other are also kind to the environment, and vice versa.

Before fracking, they must site the wellpad, excavate, drill verticals, drill horizontals, cement the casings, then perforate, then frack. PLUS, gas like this is used for tar sands development, creating even more pollution. (photo: adamaecompton)

Deep down, there’s a solid connection between how humans treat the environment and how they treat what is in it. Those who love, love every.

So, seeking environmental justice means seeking social justice.

The worst-of-the-worst environmental practices point to the worst-of-the-worst social injustices. Think about mountain-top removal in the Appalachian Mountains, unconventional shale gas development in multiple nations, or tar sands development in Alberta, Canada or in the U.S.A….

Each one of these practices promises to shred the very fabric of the culture it disrupts. There is simply no way to harmelessly remove mountaintops, drain aquifers, obliterate boreal forests, or toxify the earth itself. Because they are spearheaded by corporations with personhood, there is no other goal to these activities other than turning a profit.

Prioritizing the desires of some over the needs of others is the definition of injustice. The humans who see this, and who have a heart of mercy, cannot sit still. They cannot idle. They must be active.

That’s why activists from around the globe are planning something big. They are uniting, they are writing the definition for the word solidarity. They are doing it right now.

Join them, this week, here in Philly:

And next month, here in DC:

And anytime, here in Appalachia:

Also, this video from my friend Josh helps put things into perspective:


***IMPORTANT UPDATE (14 Feb 2012)

You are still needed in the fight against the Keystone Pipeline. Please go to today and sign the petition against the pipeline. The Republicans in Congress repeatedly introduce this pipeline– now circumventing even Obama– and it must be met with widespread public opposition at ever turn. Only the most loving of acts will prosper in the end, and exposing the Canadian tar sands is no act of love. Simply put: it’s the systematic destruction of a massive portion of the earth. Watch the video above, and please sign the petition:

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  4. Also Feb 14, 2012, people are blocking a coal loader at a power plant and asking the rest of us to let Duke Energy know we don’t want to power our laptops or iPhones via mountains turned inside out. via Greenpeace:

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