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Dog’s Eye View: 3 Thoughts On Being Thankful

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Take it from a three-legged dog: It can be hard to be thankful sometimes. Plus, figuring out “how” to be thankful can be as challenging as figuring out “what” to be thankful about. I’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving all week, … Continue reading

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#richforredistribution: The Pedagogy of Hope

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There’s no two ways about it, humans: if you follow the neoliberal capitalist conclusions to their ends, there will be an end. That’s the problem. There’s little value to imagination, ingenuity, or creativity in the closed-loop of profit-as-life; it’s too difficult to tax … Continue reading

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#OccupyYourSelf: The Pedagogy of Freedom

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Paulo Freire had an idea that freedom is found in the fact that existence is unfinished. #OccupyWallStreet is happening physically and metaphysically, folks! Justice and politics are intrinsically embedded together in an intangible reality called the future. What happens here-and-now isn’t all-there-is-to-know. … Continue reading

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Stop. Collaborate and listen.

If there ever was a dog that loved philosophy, it was me. I’ve blogged about it before, of course, and you can read this or that as examples. Most of my blogging about philosophy has to do with power. What … Continue reading

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the truth about truth

Do all dogs go to heaven? Is there a heaven? Is there absolute truth? Or, are all things relative? Is the only absolute that there are no absolutes? These are all questions that humans have been dealing with for millenia, … Continue reading

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doggy discourse

Come!  Here!  Wai-ai-ai-aiT  In ya go.  S-s-i-i-i-T!  Kennel.  Look!  Off!  Up! High5!  OooouT, OutOutOutOutOut!  Down. Laydown.  Get back!  Paygo pa?  Not for dogs. No! and, of course, Blog! …As far as I can tell, these are the only words my master thinks I know (aside from my name). The … Continue reading

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kinds of “power”

I dunno why us dogs like Foucault. Most of the humans I know don’t even know who he is or how to say his name (FYI, it’s foo-koh!). I think us dogs have a different way of thinking about power … Continue reading

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rethinking “power”

Have you ever stopped to think about how important communication is? Without communication, it is not possible to effectively exist as dogs, as humans, as societies, or as corporations. There are several things that are related–or made clear– through communication. … Continue reading

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Getting deep.

What kind of dog would I be if I didn’t read Foucault? Why most humans are not up on these things is beyond me, but I really don’t hear them talking that much about power and knowledge and how our relationships … Continue reading

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