FYI: Mitt Rmoney’s anti-environment worldview violates his own religion’s ethics. #MittIsMean

Rmoney’s treatment of his dog is aPAWling, at best.

It’s often been said that the dignity of humans can be seen in how they treat those who cannot fend for themselves. By now, I’m sure you know that Mitt Rmoney has no problem with putting his dog, Seamus, in a crate and then strapping it to the roof of his car for a 12-hour road trip. When Seamus became sick with diarrhea, Romney simply hosed him off and stuck him back on the roof for the rest of the journey. Mitt and Ann had no problem laughing about their own actions (a lot) when they were asked about Seamus in an interview by Diane Sawyer. Sawyer asked about Seamus, saying it was one of the most pressing issues that her viewers wanted to have the Rmoneys answer.

When Diane Sawyer asked, “Would you do it again?” Mitt replied, “Not with all the attention it’s received.” Evidently, other than that, he thinks it was perfectly acceptable.

Considering that many Rmoney followers are going to vote for him because he supposedly represents Christian ethics, I thought it pertinent to point out an often overlooked fact regarding the Seamus debacle: Christian ethics actually state that “The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.” (Proverbs 12:10). Laughing about the way you abuse another living being just might be considered by some humans as the epitome of cruel. Mind you, if you’re not a Christian, then it is still easy to arrive at this conclusion by using ethics based in other spiritual belief systems.

NOTHING remains after the tar sands are developed in Canada’s once-pristine boreal forest. But Mitt’s fine with that.  (Photo: National Geographic)

You may be wondering if the abuse of Seamus is an anomaly or if it points to a fundamental flaw in Mitt’s ethics. As a rescued dog myself, I’ve noticed that the way humans treat animals is often a representation of how they treat other humans and the Earth on which we all depend. Unfortunately, Mitt’s position on the environment is that it is expendable. He famously suggested (during Rick Perry’s “oops” moment) that the Environmental Protection Agency be eliminated, and he has stated that he will immediately approve the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline on his first day in office.

Visit to learn more than you’ve heard on the news about the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Why? Because his version of prosperity is measured by the love of money, not the love of humanity or of the Earth on which it depends. Mind you, this money is not meant for you. The Keystone XL Pipeline, for example, will transport foreign oil across the United States to ports in the Gulf of Mexico where it will be sold to foreign countries. Building the pipeline will create temporary jobs, lasting only a few years, the number of which has been grossly overstated. What has not been overstated is the toll on the environment that will be taken as a result of constructing the Keystone XL. Portions of the pipeline have already been constructed, yet it has already been labeled “a bad deal all along” by pro-Republican Fox News, acknowledging that the pipeline will not be a sustainable economic boost.

So, when you go to vote this fall, remember a crucial fact recently cited by Obama spokesman Danny Kanner: “[Romney] left [Massachusetts] 47th in job creation and number one in per capita debt in the nation.” No claim about job creation from the lips of Rmoney should be taken seriously. He doesn’t know what he’s doing!

There’s not a track record of decency or dignity on which Rmoney can rely.

A vote for Mitt Rmoney is a vote for temporary jobs at your own environment’s expense, transportation of foreign oil on US soil, the dismantling of the EPA, and an ethical delusion. You would not be voting for more dollars in your own pocket, nor would you be voting for a man with actions grounded in a consistent Biblical belief system.

Please, humans, think before you vote… are you voting for the love of Rmoney?

Yes, someone photoshop’d this and passed it around the Facebook… but with good reason, considering that in Rmoney’s own words he is worth “between 150 and about 200-and-some-odd-million dollars.” (And those aren’t his kids, either, but he really did use them to show off his logo.)

PS> For the record, I agree that riding in a car with the Rmoney family would in fact be a traumatic experience– no matter what species you are.

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