Frack Australia?

Did you know that they are dealing with virtually the same issue in Australia as they are here in Pennshalevania? In Australia, water is much more scarce, but the same water-intense process of hydraulic fracturing is conducted– to get natural gas out of coal seams (rather than shale, as in the U.S.).

Looking for Australia...

It’s a bit disconcerting to read international news and realize that all my Dingo friends Down Under are hearing the same industry public relations misinformation that we hear here in the States. Evidently, being in the Southern Hemisphere doesn’t make the PR spin the other way.

Take the article today by Melody Pedler on Australia’s ABC website. Melody quotes the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association’s director of
coal seam gas operations in Queensland, Ross Dunn: “Every scientific study has come down in favour of the process and found it doesn’t pose a risk to adjoining aquifers.”

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