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How to Officially Comment to the State Dept. – Stop the pipeline!

The open comment section is now available on the State Department website. For those of you who didn’t know it, right now is the time to take two minutes and fill out this webform. All you do is say your … Continue reading

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Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Don’t feed the bad dog within!

What strategies are used to raise humans’ level of awareness? Some strategies are coercisive, derisive, manipulative, and violent. Others are peaceful, loving, sacrificial, and dignified. The same action could be either loving or oppressive, depending on the human’s intent. The … Continue reading

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word choice: fear-mongering (Tom Ridge Perverts 9/11)

What does “fracking” have to do with 9/11? According to Tom Ridge, everything. Not even 9/11 is sacred anymore– not since the Oil and Gas Industry’s latest propaganda ploy: our PA boy Tom Ridge using 9/11 to strike at the … Continue reading

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Dear President Obama,

Dear President Obama, My name is Ada Mae Compton, and I am a three-legged dog who lives in GasLand. I am writing to you today because I will soon be old enough to vote (in dog years), and I am … Continue reading

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SOLIDARITY: Appalachian Coal + Shale Gas + Tar Sands

See the very bottom of this post (below the video) for an important update (14 Feb 2012). As you are reading this, thousands of humans are both celebrating and preparing for something big. They are united in a common belief … Continue reading

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1,252 Arrests on Obama’s Doorstep: My Master Was #1228

My master was arrested earlier today… and then he sent me an email to pass along to all the humans out there who read this blog. Here’s his message: WHEN I SAY “TAR SANDS,” YOU SAY, “NO!” You see, today … Continue reading

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bad dog bad dog watcha gonna do?

I hope the Washington D.C. police are nice. My master said when they tell him to get up, he will just sit there instead… he said he learned that from me. He said that when I do it, though, it … Continue reading

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word choice: naturally occurring

Today, let’s think about the phrase “naturally occurring,” which is used all too often in our society today for the wrong reasons. Approaching the apex of word trickery in marketing and PR initiatives, the frequent use of “naturally occurring” also … Continue reading

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Grease or Green? Obama’s Plans 4 Tar Sands & Fox’s Plans 4 Protest

When the leader of your pack makes decisions that harm the pack, what do you do? That’s the question that American humans should be asking themselves these days. Their President Obama was elected on a platform of change, particularly when it … Continue reading

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The Assassination of William Penn’s Legacy

As only a dog can, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a human named William Penn. He doesn’t come up that much in conversation even though the state that we live in is named for him. Most of you … Continue reading

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