Keystone XL Pipeline “Dead”– BUT Obama No Fracking Hero

Get this straight, humans: President Obama is a friend of the oil and gas industry. The recent denial of the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline does not mean that Obama has changed his tune on unconventional natural gas. Obama himself has bought the industry hype that unconventional natural gas will liberate us from the “tyranny of oil.”

Yup, that's my flag. I just don't know what it stands for anymore!

Obama: “In the months ahead, we will continue to look for new ways to partner with the oil and gas industry to increase our energy security — including the potential development of an oil pipeline from Cushing, Oklahoma to the Gulf of Mexico — even as we set higher efficiency standards for cars and trucks and invest in alternatives like biofuels and natural gas,” Obama said regarding his denial of the Keystone XL permit, as reported by the Huffington Post.

Does he mean fracked natural gas? He sure does!

Today, go ahead and use the google to learn about “Obama’s Shale Gas Initiative.” You will find that Obama has established a team to promote, globally, the development of unconventional shale gas (i.e., “fracking”). Notably, shale gas deals with China have been in the works by the Obama administration for the past two years.

Sorry to be a party pooper on what many greenies would consider a good day– but, humans, please, don’t loose sight of the forest for the trees. Obama is not necessarily the friend you think he is. He knows he will not be able to win the next election without your support, and he knows he can’t win without support from big oil & gas, either. He’s playing both sides of the fence– and this dog’s got his number!

So, when you send him that “Thank you” note, also mention that you understand he’s simply being a good politician and has a lot farther to go if the USA is to ever become a true leader of sustainable and renewable energy.

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4 Responses to Keystone XL Pipeline “Dead”– BUT Obama No Fracking Hero

  1. danaleighdolney says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Ada. I had about a moment’s worth of happiness until it became clear what this meant for the other fight: the Marcellus and the other shale plays. We will be his sacrificial lambs to big oil and gas to make up for this one, for sure. Keep up the good work, help us humans see past those trees!

  2. Sky says:

    Good point!

    Also, Keystone XL Pipeline is like Freddie Krueger, it keeps coming back from the dead. Obama didn’t kill it, merely asked Freddie TransCanada Krueger to come back for the next episode. Obama needs to get a backbone. We need a REAL Green president, not a half-ass.

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