Rescue Dog on Christmas: The Heights & Depths of Humanity

A Christmasism.

As a tri-pawtisan, non-species observer of humans (i.e., 3-legged dog), I tend to be baffled by humanity repeatedly. It’s the holidays that really get me thinking. First off, why do humans even have holidays? I guess there’s some sort of “spirit” that is supposed to bond the human pack together at this time of year…

So, this morning, I was trying to get into the Christmas spirit when an article crossed my screen that didn’t help. It wasn’t very Christmasy…

It told the story of the mayor in Binghamton, NY, who is letting the Sierra Club take Binghamton city water to the humans just south of the NY/PA border, in Dimock, PA. They cannot drink their water due to contamination by natural gas activity.

At first, I thought this was going to be a story about kindness, but then it says that incoming Binghamton City Council members Joseph Mihalko, Chris Papastrat and John Matzo are up in arms over the fact that the mayor is offering help. “It’s politically motivated,” they say, and a distraction from “other issues.” (Note that there is no bigger current issue in NY or PA than hydraulic fracturing; also not that the city is selling its water and its trucking services, not giving it away for free.)

1. Dig hole. 2. Insert rationale. 3. Go have Christmas Dinner.

So this is what I mean by being baffled:  How can it possibly be wrong to sell water to Dimock? The only thing wrong is the fact that it has to happen in the first place. Why desire to withhold help? What harm is it to help another human? For Pete’s sake, Binghamton actually makes a few bucks doing by helping!

The depths of humanity: Selfishness– when someone places their wishes/ideals over another’s basic needs for survival.

I hope the incoming City Council of Binghamton reads this post, as I keep scratching my head trying to figure out what on earth their rationale must be– and how it is evidently so strong of a rationale that it overcomes the Christmas spirit entirely. Bahumbugingamton.

Jessica Alba, talking about safer chemicals and healthier families

Right after this, thank goodness, a bright article crossed my screen about the very pretty human named Jessica Alba. She’s promoting an organization that is dedicating this Christmas season to a great cause.

You can join her when you upload your photo into an online Christmas album for the U.S. Senate with the message “safer chemicals, healthier families.”

It’s a timely way to bring attention to the fact that more and more children’s toys are being found toxic by laboratory tests– recently, BPAs were found in 280 plastic toys. The “healthier families” campaign is also rather timely given the massive amounts of toxic chemicals now being dumped into aquifers across the Americas through extreme energy projects (examples). Finally, it evokes the Christmas spirit: doing things for others instead of yourself. Incoming Binghamton council members, take note: being nice = good press.

My Christmas Card to my senators!

The heights of humanity: Being community minded– purposefully trying to bring a better, healthier life to as many others as possible.

Real humans in real life make real decisions that cause real harm and that cause real joy.

This Christmas, go to new heights.

Click here to start by sending a card to your Senator!

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just a three-legged rescue dog, bloggin about critical citizenship, the environment, and all sorts of literacy.
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3 Responses to Rescue Dog on Christmas: The Heights & Depths of Humanity

  1. bonesdiary says:

    Skins leave me puzzled. Every time I come close to understanding their actions and motives they come up with another stupid move. Not sharing water? How could anyone not share water? How come they think they own it in the first place? I thought it was a natural resource. What’s next: air?

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