3 Reasons to Keep Following Sandusky & PSU [Updated]


I know most humans have short attention spans– but, please, don’t stop following the Sandusky case! It’s important not to let this one fall by the wayside. (I finally know what Nancy Grace feels like.) You might already be looking for somewhere else to click, but stick with me on this one… if for no other reason than I’m the only three-legged dog who blogs that you know…

Top Three Reasons to Keep Following The PSU Sandusky Case

Amendola and Sandusky (Photo: Deadspin.com)

REASON #3. There is something about watching Sandusky’s attorney sabotage him that makes you think justice may possibly be served, at least when it comes to Sandusky himself. The gaffe-upon-gaffe non-strategy was reviewed nicely on Yahoo! right after Sandusky’s attorney suggested that any non-believers contact a gay sex hotline for clarification on Sandusky’s innocence. I am not joking.

UPDATE  on Reason #3: Sandusky was indeed found guilty, overwhelmingly, but he plans to appeal.

REASON #2. It’s easy to turn attention toward the next big topic and let major stories– like the BP oil spill and the tsunami in Japan– fall by the wayside. There are always consequences to turning away! The public must be maintaining vigilence because–clearly–nobody else has been doing so. The mainstream media likes to wrap things up in twenty second soundbites, and–whether it’s convenient or not–this case reaches back over a dozen years, so it isn’t going to be simple or pretty. If the story is left to the mainstream media to digest and regurgitate, then what gets overlooked in the interest of time?

UPDATE on Reason #2: The public did not fail to follow this case, but so far they have failed to procure further investigation into The Second Mile. No media has yet to ask the question, “How does a charity come across $647,000 in extra cash to give away to Tom Corbett for his governor’s campaign, and why on earth do they need to have an AG in their back pocket in the first place?” 

(Photos: Stills from Tom Corbett’s interview re PSU, with the local Fox 29 News.)

REASON #1. If these cases are actually taken seriously, then Tom Corbett will be removed from office. One man’s name has emerged as the legal authority at every turn regarding the cover-up at Penn State– from the 90’s through to the present day–and that man’s name is Tom Corbett. With Corbett’s obvious knowledge of the Sandusky sex case for over a decade, in his roles as PA Attorney General and as PA Governor and as PSU Trustee, it might become apparent to enough humans that this man, simply put, has broken his oath of office (PA Constitution Article VI, Section 3).

Update to Reason #1: Corbett is still in office. The PA House of Representatives are the humans who are able to begin impeachment proceedings against him. Use this link to find out YOUR representatives’ names and call them TODAY. It is up to you! Tom Corbett KNEW about this abuse, but did nothing to stop it when he was the AG, and now he is your governor. This is a disgrace to our entire nation and a mockery of elected office.

There is simply no justification for Corbett knowing what Sandusky was accused of doing, more than once, and failing to arrest Sandusky.

Corbett can come up with all the excuses he wants, and it’s not like he had to be Elliot Stabler or anything… this most likely would have been a rather mundane arrest.

Perhaps it is time to oust Corbett’s whole cabinet and all his appointees, too, and clean out the PSU board while we are at it so that Pennsylvania can have a fresh start.

Let good dogs re-apply.

Let good ol’ boys not.

Call your PA State House Representative TODAY and tell him or her that you fully support impeachment proceedings against Tom Corbett for KNOWING that Sandusky was sexually abusing children and yet NOT filing any charges when he was the AG.

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5 Responses to 3 Reasons to Keep Following Sandusky & PSU [Updated]

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  2. Sklip Aschenbrenner says:

    Where are the FEDs on the Sandusky case? The descriptions(s) (in the Grand Jury proceedings)of Sandusky’s taking minors across state lines to various high profile events where he was then able to have sex with them in hotel rooms would seem to be a violation of the Mann Act..? (The transporting of minors interstate for immoral purposes). This could lead to an unbiased investigation of Tom Corbett as well as a fair trial for all since so many highly placed Penna officials are possibly involved.

  3. Teresa M. says:

    Rumor has it that the feds are involved. They are trying to connect Sandusky to the still missing D.A.

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