PSU scapegoats Paterno: Did the Board not know?

My master was in State College last night, and he told me that everything I heard on the news about the riots was true. PSU set the standard for “unruly” last night– and I’m not only talking about the student riots. The Board was busy, and it is beyond belief that the PSU Board of Trustees has just heard about this…

So, they are as “guilty” as Paterno… at least, in dog logic. You see, a dog’s mind instantly goes to animal references, and so I just keep thinking of the word scapegoat. Shift the guilt onto a public figure and kick him out the door– along with the guilt! The imagery actually comes from the Old Testament, when the Israelites would shift their sin (metaphorically) to a goat, which was then released.

And so… absolution of guilt, right? Wrong.

Humans–Penn Staters– you are keen enough to read the world in which you live and realize that the entire PSU Board of Trustees needs to be investigated as well. Who knew what? When? How did they know it? It’s time to find out. It’s time to come clean, PSU. It’s time to break from the “good ol’ boy” mentality. This is the only way for PSU to regain its lost reputation: Confess, and do it voluntarily.

For Pete’s sake, it’s time to be known for academics instead of football.

And, while you’re at it, don’t let Tom Ridge become your next president. Why trade one scandal for another? Tom is an outspoken proponent of the wholesaling of PA for corporate and personal gain! He denegrates anyone who thinks contrary to his point of view on unconventional shale gas development (aka “fracking”), an industry for which he works– vehemently, even to the point of desecrating our patriotism. (See here for more fracking-PSU connections.)

PS> FYI, there are a LOT of humans on PSU’s Board. My regular readers will know that I’m not the kind of dog who would jump to conclusions about all parties by any means. There are questions that need to be asked, and that’s my point, and hopefully there are enough board members who will agree.

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just a three-legged rescue dog, bloggin about critical citizenship, the environment, and all sorts of literacy.
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