Are you locked into PA for good?

Evidently, this dog don't swim. (Type Harrisburg Bulldog into the search bar for more about our governor here in GasLand)

Reality check: Even if you want to leave PA, it’s going to be difficult. Unless you’re independently wealthy, I wish you good luck trying to sell your home that sits on leased land. The banks realize it’s too risky of an investment to mortgage a home that is leased for oil and gas development. PA’s banks, evidently, are run by humans more wise than the Harrisburg Bulldogs who run Pennsylvania itself.

Our state government is content to purposefully disacknowledge the inherent risks of unconventional shale gas development (“fracking”), but the banks recognize the risks. The banks, remember, are just coming out of one of their darkest moments– so, they’re going to play it safe.


It all comes down to money! Too bad you can't drink it!

Once again, we’re talking money here. The banks don’t want to lose money. There is no emotional or even environmental argument being made here. The reasons on which the banks base their risk analysis are informed by science. I’m not aware of too many emotional, phony hysteria-prone bankers these days. I think many of them were weeded-out after the last mortgage/housing debacle. Those that are left are probably running a red flag up the side of the drilling rig, too.

Nobody wants to take the risk… except the Harrisburg Bulldogs.

But, of course, the Bulldogs have nothing to lose. Insulated in Harrisburg, it’s not their health, their safety, or their mortgage that is in jeopardy, now is it?

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3 Responses to Are you locked into PA for good?

  1. AKG says:

    This is precisely why EVERYONE whose water (or air, or life) has been ruined by gas development needs to stop paying their mortgage and/or property taxes! When the banks are forced to foreclose on all those worthless, toxic homes they can’t sell, I suspect something will change. And when the government doesn’t get paid any taxes for the land they permitted to be fracked and ruined? Well, maybe they’ll get the message: You can’t destroy our homes, our lives, and our livelihoods, and get away with it! This is America, after all!

  2. Fredricka Kulicke says:

    I live in Broome County NY, waiting for the fracking to begin. I feel betrayed by my government. They seem blind to the huge downside of fracking. i too worry about my home on 2 acres becoming poisoned and worthless. Responsible drilling is a crock of you know what. Once the aquifer is poisoned there’s no way to fix it.

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