…and then I got locked in the kennel.

The kennel. Don't worry, I've got that chair ripped up a bit more by now.

Yesterday was a bad day. I spent it in the kennel. Something about “no chickens”… I dunno. It sucked, that’s all I have to say. I was sitting in there thinking of a million ways I could get back at my master– and then I thought, all of the sudden, Wait a minute! If I run up and bite him when I get out, am I not being just as bad as him?!

And so, I was stuck on that thought all day. How is it that a dog can fight back but not become just as bad as the aggressor? You see, I’ve blogged about this question before, and a lot of humans sent me emails and comments about it– but I wasn’t applying it to myself. Dogs are good at reflection, though, so that’s what I did yesterday.

My answer?

It’s a matter of intent, of heart. The only way to beat the bad dog is to refuse to become the bad dog. I really do believe that the heart can change. Yesterday, I sat in my kennel and barked any time I saw my master moving around in the house or in the yard.

It didn’t work.

And that’s the way life is sometimes… sometimes you just can’t motivate change in another’s heart– and that’s what I thought about yesterday (all day) while I was in the kennel. I thought about how sad I am for my master. What a mean, heartless human he must be to lock me up!

Well, I’m obviously not done thinking about this. If anyone has any ideas about how exactly the last become first and the weak become strong, please fill me in. I’m also curious about that whole meek-inheriting-the-earth deal. Thanks!

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just a three-legged rescue dog, bloggin about critical citizenship, the environment, and all sorts of literacy.
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1 Response to …and then I got locked in the kennel.

  1. Denise Hudson says:

    RE: The meek will inherit the earth. If we are meek , the earth we will be left with won’t be a place we would want to live. We must speak up and stand against the people who are destroying our land , water and air.

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