Niagara Falls: Frackwater + Carbon Filters = Okeydokey

It all comes down to money! Too bad you can't drink it!

Niagara Falls is soon to be renamed the World’s Largest Toxic Dump, if the Niagara Falls Waste Treatment Plant gets its way. You see, they want to accept fracking waste water, even though here in PA we’ve recognized that a waste treatment plant is incapable of treating frack water.

Why would they do this?

As with most human dilemmas, it comes down to an issue of money. One NY Senator (Maziarz) even said that this would be the new “cottage industry” for Western New York! Forget about the environmental concerns– because we’ve got carbon filters.

You know what a carbon filter is… it’s basically the same as in a fish tank… and there is zero scientific evidence whatsoever that a waste treatment plant can filter out the radiation or the 600+ chemicals in frack water. That’s why in PA, frack water is no longer taken to waste treatment plants.

So, what to do? The best thing, at this point, is to bark– and bark loudly. On Facebook, there is a good description of how to do this at the upcoming hearing this Thursday (22 Sept) in Niagara Falls, NY. Here is a copy-and-paste of that info:

About a month ago it was discovered that the Niagara Falls Waste Treatment Plant was testing hydrofracking waste to see if they will become NY’s only treatment location so far for Marcellus shale wastewater. This waste not only contains all the drilling chemicals, which pose a serious health threat, but is also radioactive due to the shale’s uranium content. Earlier this year Senator Maziarz stated at an industry conference that… accepting fracking wastewater would be WNY’s cottage industry! What a toxic, risky, and unhealthy way to make a buck!

The most recent article by Jim Hufnagel:

I invite members of the community to the next Niagara Falls Water Board annual public meeting, which they have every third Thursday of the month. The next one is THIS THURSDAY September 22nd at 5pm in the Water Treatment Plant at 5815 Buffalo Ave in Niagara Falls, NY.


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