How to Officially Comment to the State Dept. – Stop the pipeline!

The open comment section is now available on the State Department website. For those of you who didn’t know it, right now is the time to take two minutes and fill out this webform. All you do is say your name and why you don’t want the Keystone XL Pipeline cutting America in half.

Mention that Canada is a foreign country, okay?

Seriously, that’s as complicated as today’s post is going to get! This is practical action that you can take right now! Click here to go to the State Dept page.

What should you write in the comment section?

Here are a few basics to start you out: The phase of the pipeline already built has been the leakiest pipeline in history. The pipeline takes foreign oil across American soil to where it is sold to foreign countries. The pipeline does absolutely nothing to free us from dependence on oil.  You can also talk about Obama’s fading “green” promises and the environmental impact that comes from constructing a pipeline.


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