How to Save a Human: 3 Easy Steps

You want to know what it takes to save a human? Sacrifice! That’s right, it takes an act of selfish-less-ness to help another human out. I’ve often noticed humans trying to help others– and today, for those of you who are new at it,  here are 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Pick up the phone and dial 877-247-1820.
Step 2. Leave a message telling Obama that you support him taking an opportunity to live up to his words by #1) Banning unconventional shale gas development for the reasons below and #2) Banning the Tar Sands Pipeline because it simply makes no sense to allow a foreign country to exploit its own citizens (and then use our land) in order to make corporations happy.
Step 3. Hang up the phone and hand it to someone else so they can do the same thing.

Below, you will find the phone number again, plus some background and some talking points. I found this on facebook!

On September 13, call 877-247-1820 to tell President Obama to Ban Fracking!President Obama’s been listening to the oil and gas industry, which wants to expand the use of this dangerous technology to extract gas. He has included natural gas as a large part of his official energy plan, which means increasing fracking in states across the country. President Obama recently appointed a panel to find ways to improve the safety of fr…acking, but we know that fracking is not safe. Now, he needs to hear from you.

–>Now, how to call:On September 13, call 877-247-1820 for a brief message about what to tell President Obama and then you will be connected to the White House comment line.

We plan to make sure President Obama hears us loud and clear — our goal is 2,000 phone calls. We can only do it with your help.

Fracking must be banned! Here’s why:

* Fracking fluid contains toxic chemicals that have been known to contaminate drinking water from spills, leaks or accidents. This information, although disputed by many, is nonetheless credible.
* Fracking produces hazardous wastewater, which can contain radioactive substances as well as toxic chemicals, making disposal difficult and dangerous. Our sewer plants are not designed to treat this water, and injecting it into the ground or dumping it in waterways are NOT acceptable disposal options.
* Fracking requires polluting millions of gallons of water, which the industry readily admits, and which can deplete local water supplies. Even though only a small percentage of this is chemicals, that still means tens of thousands of  gallons of chemicals on every pad.
* Fracking has caused thermogenic natural gas to migrate into my family’s drinking water source , and it could have caused an explosion. There have been more than 1,000 documented cases of water contamination near drilling sites around the country.

***Fracking is more than just “fracking.” In order to develop a site to be fracked, many stages of development offer proven opportunities to contaminate our environment. Each well pad must have a pipeline to it, and this causes even more damage. Also, there’s a bit to talk about regarding our infrastructure, which in rural PA is not designed for industrial use.

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1 Response to How to Save a Human: 3 Easy Steps

  1. Elias says:

    hey ada, my name is Elias I’m a 17year old activist from byron bay australia would just like to say how much i appreciate your blog, you do such a great job, your so on to it, you pick up all the floors in the activism that i see as well eg your blog about theres a whole lot more to fracking then fracking, its the whole industry that is polluting our word. we working on some good stuff in Aus, would like to keep in touch and get a good perspective of the strategies your using in USA
    Peace and love Mahatma, ELias.

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