word choice: fear-mongering (Tom Ridge Perverts 9/11)

What does “fracking” have to do with 9/11? According to Tom Ridge, everything. Not even 9/11 is sacred anymore– not since the Oil and Gas Industry’s latest propaganda ploy: our PA boy Tom Ridge using 9/11 to strike at the heart-strings of humans across the state, all for the profit of the corporations that pay him to use his savvy “homeland security” reputation to fool the American public. Tom Ridge, have you no shame?

“Sept. 11th made us aware of our vulnerabilities,” he said in Philly at the recent industry conference. “We have given de  facto control over our economy to other countries.”

“We are an energy-rich country,” he repeated again and again to an industry  audience exceeding 1,000. “We are burdened by dependence on oil from unstable  countries.” These quotes are from thetimes-tribune.com.

Interestingly enough, also at the industry conference, and also reported by thetimes-tribune.com, Aubrey McClendon lambasted the people protesting outside the conference as practicing “unfettered fear-mongering.” He sarcastically asked if the humans being outside had added any value to the communities from which they came.

So… Aubrey, tell us: Who is actually the fear-mongerer here? The humans outside? Or Tom Ridge himself? To figure out the answer, we need to know the truth: Will fracked natural gas actually liberate us from dependence on foreign oil?

This is not a tricky question. But, propaganda is what propaganda is, and humans often don’t read against the grain when they pick up the newspaper or go online… What do I mean by that? Well, for example, the Keystone XL pipeline that will take oil from Canada to ports in Texas is in no way attached to freedom from foreign oil… and this we know just from common sense: FYI, Canada is a foreign country… and it will be selling their oil at our US ports to other foreign countries… they’re not going to give it to us just because we let them run a pipeline through our country!

So, what about fracking? Same problem! Look around you! What do you see criss-crossing the state of Pennsylvania right now? Pipelines! What will be going in them? Fracked natural gas! Where is a lot of it going? Overseas! (Here’s a local piece on that.)

The fact of the matter is that even if there were enough gas in the Marcellus to power the USA for 10 or 20 years, we would have to use all that gas in the USA in order to benefit from it. We would have to completely redesign the infrastructure of the USA and every single vehicle would have to be switched over to “clean” natural gas… (which is only cleaner as you burn it… we all know the extraction process is by no means clean).

Do you see this happening? Until you do, all industry references to fear-mongering or to 9/11 or to liberation from dependence on foreign oil, or to “drill a well to bring a soldier home” are not only hollow and false, they are directly marketed to exploit the patriotic spirit of American citizens.

Figure it out! Fracked gas is being exported and foreign corporations are lining their pockets! At the same time, Tom Ridge is using 9/11 to generate fear about America’s stability in order to support his own & corporate financial desires.

This is perverse. Tom Ridge, time for you to take Aubrey’s advice and cease the unfettered fear-mongering.

PS: In case you catch on… today’s point is that some of the biggest investors in the Marcellus Shale are NOT American corporations. But Tom Ridge gets paid to dupe you, humans!

PPS: My master said yes, he remembers. He was on the western side of the George Washington Bridge that morning. It was a perfect just-turning-fall morning. He was headed to the northern campus of the school that he went to, in Rockland County. The southern campus is just a few blocks away from the Twin Towers. He is grateful to have been driving in the other direction that morning.

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6 Responses to word choice: fear-mongering (Tom Ridge Perverts 9/11)

  1. Gloria says:

    What does one million dollars from the Marcellus Shale Coalition have to do with the words that Tom Ridge says? According to the words that Tom Ridge says, just about every time he’s quoted: everything.

    Most people will happily spin a bedtime story for a kid, or tell a friend a ‘tall tale’ about the big fish that got away. Most people happily spin these fables for free.

    Not Tom Ridge. Oh he can & will spin the make believe, but not before the big ol’ check you wrote him is safely in the bank.

  2. Rod Fletcher says:

    According to the Department of Energy, the United States imported 10% of it’s natural gas from foreign sources before deep shale hydraulic fracturing. What evil-minded and unstable country provided the vast majority of this imported fuel? Canada!

  3. Julie Huntsman says:

    Well said smart dog!

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