PA Governor Corbett’s Own “Phony Hysterics”

Evidently, this dog don't swim. (Type Harrisburg Bulldog into the search bar for more about our governor here in GasLand)

Tropical Storm Lee caused problems in PA. Two drowning Bison were shot at a Hershey zoo and the Governor’s residence was evacuated. Also, Gov. Corbett entered a psycho-emotional rabid state, publically disembowling himself by stating, “Flood water is toxic and polluted.” How could he have gone off the deep end like this?! Why would he say that?! I thought he knew Tom Ridge?!

Doesn’t he know that Tom Ridge has dismissed pollution concerns related to public health as “phony hysterics”?

The scientific rationale supporting the 2,000 people rallying against unconventional shale gas development this past Wednesday is a bunch of phony hysteria, according to Ridge. So, Corbett, by comparison, has seriously lost his marbles! He even raised the PA Emergency level to the highest it’s ever been because of flooding.

What this dog wonders is the obvious: Is Corbett still okay with unconventional shale gas development in the floodplains across rural Pennsylvania? Does Corbett acknowledge how flood water gets polluted? Does he know there’s more than sewage in that water?

Was there nothing going on uphill from those floodplains? Does all the sediment and runoff water from wellpads simply vanish? The last I knew, sewer plants were relatively benign compared to the waste fluid from fracking. The evidence of this is that gas companies are no longer allowed to dump their waste frack water in public treatment plants… it’s too toxic to be handled that way.

SO, Corbett, let’s play fair:

I think you’d better go get re-aligned by Tom Ridge now, since Tom Ridge is the guy in charge of emotions these days, deciding who is allowed to have what emotions in regards to environmental and social concerns.

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4 Responses to PA Governor Corbett’s Own “Phony Hysterics”

  1. Dan Ceppa says:

    I’ve already been saying that this latest flood has a silver lining. This area here is *lacking* water from the flooding. The water systems of most of the communities near Binghamton were rendered unfit to drink. People need to buy or boil water.

    I wonder how they will feel about that on a permanent basis when fracking destroys the ground water?

  2. I hope those reading this will use mother nature’s fury over “fossil fuel climate change” as momemtum to educate those reading flooding news stories and comment to the effect… “Please report which drill sites and frack ponds have been flooded at the natural gas extraction sites. The effulents from this industry is of particular concern for its endocrine disruption harm. Visit the new website PSEhealthyenergy dot org”

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