bad dog bad dog watcha gonna do?

I hope the Washington D.C. police are nice. My master said when they tell him to get up, he will just sit there instead… he said he learned that from me. He said that when I do it, though, it is just disobedience and thus does not qualify as civil disobedience. Either way, I just hope they send him back in one piece.

You know why he’s going, right? You know what’s going on in DC right now, right? You know that something historic is happening at this moment, right? Well… if you basically only listen to and watch mainstream media, then maybe you don’t.

For the past two weeks, a highly orchestrated movement of people from across the United States and Canada has been sitting on Obama’s doorstep asking him to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline that would bring Tar Sands Oil from Alberta through the US to the Gulf Coast, and many, many places inbetween. The pipeline is lethal. The tar sands development is even more lethal.

These filthy energy projects are in fact so lethal that about 850 people had been arrested outside The White House gates because they chose to peacefully demonstrate in an effort to get Obama’s attention. My master will go to DC today for a mandatory 4-hour training session before the last day of the protest tomorrow, Saturday,  03 September 2011.

He will be a part of a group that will easily grow to over 1,000 people arrested in protest… and with any luck he can get out in time to go to his college buddy’s wedding later that day. (I told him not to hold his breath on that one!)

Check out my other post about Tar Sands for maps and for more information. Also, in case you were wondering why my master even cares about this, it’s because the Keystone XL Pipeline is feeding other pipelines into Northcentral Pennsylvania! This, my human friends, will be looked back at as one of the most critical moments in environmentalist history. Please, be a part of it.

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