Grease or Green? Obama’s Plans 4 Tar Sands & Fox’s Plans 4 Protest

When the leader of your pack makes decisions that harm the pack, what do you do? That’s the question that American humans should be asking themselves these days. Their President Obama was elected on a platform of change, particularly when it comes to green energy. However, he has other considerations…

In a timely video released by Josh Fox (posted at the bottom of this page), Fox acknowledges that most of us have heard about mountain top removal, off shore drilling, and unconventional fracking for natural gas… but what we haven’t been hearing much about is Obama’s big energy secret.

The Keystone XL Pipeline


Fox explains: Obama is considering taking part in the 1,700-mile Keystone XL pipeline, to deliver oil to the U.S. from Canadian Tar Sands development, which is the biggest energy project in the world: “…akin to building the pyramids in Egypt… only bigger…” says Fox in his video, “…and the industry admits the damage is irreversible…”


Tar sands development (photo from National Geographic). Notice what is left behind after the tar sands are developed in Canada's once-pristine boreal forest. Now, consider that this area being wiped-off the face of Earth is as big as Florida.


Tar Sands is being developed in Alberta, Canada — the size of Florida– which is being systematically destroyed forever. Oil, stuck in tar sands, is pumped out of the ground, squeezed, and boiled, to be recovered. The process uses upwards of 1 billion cu. ft. of natural gas per day, and it represents a  $120 billion corporate investment.

Watch the video below. Your mind will be blown away at the vastness of Tar Sands development. Pay special attention to the dates 20 August – 03 September, during which there will be a sit-in at the gates of the White House (click link for more info) in Washington, DC.  Josh Fox is calling on all sane Americans to visit DC and sit at the gates of the White House… for an hour, for a day, for a week– or for two.

If you cannot go, then the least you can do is share my blog post today on the facebook– please!

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