CONTEST: Worst Governor EVER!

Wow. Just when you think fate is working against you, you realize that it’s all for the best: You needed a great reason to vote Tom Corbett worst governor ever! This is no joke– a real contest is now online at Tom is currently the second choice in the list!

Did you know that the Bulldog in Harrisburg has a pet Collie?

Go to the site and vote, and it will ask you for an email and ZIP code and then allow you to email Tom Corbett directly. Don’t worry, you can edit the email directly from the contest web site before they send it for you. How handy! Especially nice for those of us with only one front leg.

Interestingly enough, the auto-fill content for the email to Tom Corbett from the contest site is quite appropriate. Check it out… and have a fun time forwarding my blog post today to everyone you know. Corbett should be a landslide victor in this contest!

Dear Gov. Corbett,

I just voted for you in the Worst Governor Ever contest at because of your blatant disregard for the well being of middle-class Pennsylvanians and your attempts to weaken the rights and services that have made our society strong.

I am fed up with being told that we can’t afford basic things like education and transportation while letting wealthy gas drillers get by with no taxes.   I’ve heard enough of the attacks on hard-working public employees who, unlike the bankers and Wall Street investors, did nothing to hurt the economy.

What we need are jobs, quality healthcare, good education and solid retirement.  That means funding infrastructure and public programs and making sure people have a voice at work and at the ballot box.

The people will hold you accountable and we will make sure everyone understands the dire impacts of your misguided policies.

Then, at the end, you can add more if you so desire!

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1 Response to CONTEST: Worst Governor EVER!

  1. Laurie@Ward says:

    We need more people to vote. When I voted, he was 10! Come on people he is way worse than that!

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