PA Lt. Gov Cawley Declares War on Enviro Advocates?

The Lt. Governor of PA recently informed a small group of humans that the natural gas industry should “fight back” against media reports on water contamination due to shale gas development. That’s right. Them’s fightin’ words… literally.

Does Cawley even know what happens when oil and gas gets the green light from the government to fight?

When the oil and gas industry fights the common-man-turned-environmental-advocate, guess who wins? Does Lt. Gov. Cawley even know that the same companies operating right here in PA are responsible for several global ecological crises worldwide?!

I cannot help but wonder what humans’ reactions will be to the Lt. Gov’s statement. No doubt, there will be many who will cheer, right alongside Cawley, “Drill, Baby, Drill!” Some, of course, will be angry. And, I bet, a few will be confused. If this is the human who headed-up the Marcellus Shale Advisory Committee, then how can we have any hopes in our government’s committment about environmental protection?!

Is this a hoax?

By literally telling business to “fight back,” is Cawley not outright engaging in political warfare? Is he not using the technology of the media to downplay and discredit instances of water contamination from shale gas activity? Is he not urging the industry to do this?

We must all be confused. Oddly enough, it follows exactly in line with what Foucault would say about power and language and politics and, now, war. A lot of philosophers consider Foucault confused, so in this pseudo-reality we’re living in Pennshalevania, I posit that Foucault may indeed know what he’s talking about.

I know my eyes are opened. I’m sad because I thought humans really did have a heart to protect each other as a species. I thought that there was a greater human pack which extended to all humans.

I can’t understand this because I am a dog, but it seems that there is a reason why humans don’t do much protecting of each other as a species…


Naively, I thought that, in the end, humans really did put money aside and protect each other– all of each other. The Lt. Governor of PA has cleared-up that misconception for me. I fear it is the inability of some humans to put aside money as the predominate metric of prosperity that will cause the human species to falter on a large, regional scale.

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3 Responses to PA Lt. Gov Cawley Declares War on Enviro Advocates?

  1. Laurie@Ward says:

    Unbelievable, I have no words to say. My heart is aching.

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