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Just a quick note today to share a valuable resource with you. Knowing that many of you follow fracking and fracking-related news, I was wondering how many of you know about the Environmental Health Network. It’s a great spot to see the daily headlines.

If you follow this link…

…then you will be taken directly to the search engine, with the word “fracking” already plugged-in. Of course, you can change the search term after you get there. I suggest using the search box on the left-hand pane rather than the one at the top of the page.

While I’m talking about searching, I think it’s useful to point out that the word “fracking” has come to mean the entire process of unconventional shale gas extraction, and this does a bit of disservice to the technicalities of all the different parts of the extraction and production process.

I’ll talk more about that in the future– for now I just want to point out that there are some other handy search terms you might want to consider plugging in the next time you’re at the google, as follows:

shale gas extraction
unconventional gas well
unconventional fracking
conventional gas extraction
hydraulic fracturing
completion activities for gas wells
methane migration
remediation leaking gas well casing
history of PA oil and gas

Be sure to let me know if you find anything interesting or learn something new!

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