unanswered questions. unquestioned answers.

Me with a new friend who came to my kennel all the way from Austria so I could help him find the answers to some of his questions.

Do you have unanswered questions about Marcellus Shale? As my master once said, “If you don’t have any questions, then you’re not thinking hard enough!” Of course, this doesn’t apply to every situation, but it’s a good rule of thumb– and, dog knows, there’s a lot of answers that need to be questioned when it comes to shale gas.

So, today’s blog is simply an open invite for questions that you would like to have answered… and for answers that you would like to have questioned.

Feel free to post your questions in the comment section below or to message me. All comments are private until they’re approved, so just let me know if you don’t want your comment/question to appear in the public comment section below.

Scratch your brains, and let me know what questions fall out… 🙂

Here’s a little inspiration to get you going… so many questions, so few answers…

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just a three-legged rescue dog, bloggin about critical citizenship, the environment, and all sorts of literacy.
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4 Responses to unanswered questions. unquestioned answers.

  1. Tosca says:

    We always hear about the trust between dogs and humans but now that fracking is planned for our part of the world how do I determine if somebody is truly trustworthy, meaning can I let my boss trust them with our water, land, health and country?

    • Follow the money, Tosca, follow the money! I think “trust” is a great topic for a blog post… now you’ve got me thinking. There are two things that are required for trust…

  2. Laurie@Ward says:

    We hear that the gas wells are improving the economy up here, I think that it has helped the restaurants and hotels. I was wondering about the “tourist” businesses. A business in Towanda (that sells arts and crafts from area artists) said that this last June was one of the worst that they have had since they have been open. They said because there is so much traffic, people don’t go to the local businesses anymore. Something to think about.

    • I also hear that accounts of businesses like restaurants and hotels/rentals are doing very well, but that– as you point out– there are other businesses that could even be hurt. When was the last time you saw a gas worker at a craft shop, for example, unless it was just his truck waiting in a line of traffic, blocking the driveway, and spilling fumes all the while? Buying some crochet doilies for his buffet sideboard? Hmm… methinks not. But perhaps their wives? Could be?

      Information needed! If you’re a business owner and reading this blog, let us know how Marcellus has affected you…

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