Colbert Report, fracking, & invading PA

Well, did you see it? Colbert picked up on the idocracy of Talisman Terry, the Friendly Frackosaurus.

I won’t say much on this… Stephen Colbert does such a good job covering fracking that I’ll just post the link to his story below without any of my commentary– enjoy!

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1 Response to Colbert Report, fracking, & invading PA

  1. Carla Amarosa says:

    Enjoyed this report immensely…Stephen Colbert is the King of using Sarcasm to bring facts to the table. Hope everyone can view the interview he did w/Tom Ridge as well. That is accessible by clicking above on the words in purple that say…invite I’ve given to Tom Ridge?. Once on that blog click the blue words that read….The Colbert Report. The best part of learning from Stephen Colbert is, he makes you laugh while you are learning! Highly recommend watching these 2 reports!

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