u aint seen nuthin yet

I’m lookin at you with my big brown eyes, humans, and lettin you know right now that you ain’t seen nothin yet. We’ve only seen 10-15% of the slated (shaled?) industrial development that our bucolic countryside will soon experience.  Have a listen to some good ol’ BTO as you read and ponder…

There are thousands of trucks–from those white F350s on up to those “fresh water” tankers–yet to arrive. There are thousands of nomads yet to arrive. There are thousands of environmental violations yet to occur. There are millions of dollars yet to be spent.

But who knows how many families are yet to be fractured…

As only a dog can do, I wonder how bad things will have to get before they get better. I wonder if they will get better. I wonder if they would be better already if this mess were in, say, Obama’s back yard. Here’s what that would look like:

And here’s the well plat for the people’s mall:

And if that doesn’t strike you, we’ll just put one in Central Park and see if anyone notices:

Using data from an existing well in rural PA, the well plat diagram was imposed over Central Park to give you an idea of how big of an operation Marcellus Shale development really is.

And here’s what that would look like to tourists:

Whether it’s The White House or Central Park or rural Pennsylvania, trust me when I say you ain’t seen nothing yet. There’s no way that the efffects of rural America’s industrialization will go unnoticed in the big cities where the important humans live. The problem is that by then, it will be too late.

Actually, for some of us, it already is.

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just a three-legged rescue dog, bloggin about critical citizenship, the environment, and all sorts of literacy.
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