Leaked Natural Gas Industry Emails…

The New York Times published one doggone good one today. The Industry Insiders Sound an Alarm article by Ian Urbina exposes more realities behind natural gas myths. What does it mean to you? Well, Remember the dot com bubble? The bank buyouts? Remember how your economy is hurting because of the housing boom?   Get ready for the gas boom!

It’s true. Not only does the industry take a toll on the environment and our way of life,  but it also will bust the economy. “But how can this be?!,” you ask. Did not massive corporations fall and need to be bailed out in recent history? It happens. Situations are bubbling up to watch it happen again. Bark my words.

If there’s one thing a dog knows more than a human, it’s that you have to be persistent. I can whine for hours on end. Most humans give in within a few seconds and give me the attention I want. 🙂 Yesterday, there were thousands of people gathered in multiple cities across New York– all were being persistent. Dozens of groups met to listen, share ideas, and (of course) be a little crazy. Fracking does that to you.

The natural gas industry is grasping at straws trying to pull itself together. A small, yet definitely growing, movement against fracking has beeged much attention and resources from the natural gas industry. One company even put out a coloring book as a preemptive measure to inculcate the next generation with their rhetoric…

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1 Response to Leaked Natural Gas Industry Emails…

  1. Gabe says:

    Well done. You must keep fighting and educating the people of this country and maybe just maybe the “leaders” we elected will listen and trully hear;

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