bubbles in the creek?


Yesterday, my master took me to do my favorite thing: ROAD TRIP!!! Last year, we did 14,000 miles over the course of three months. Yesterday, we only did about 100, but it was still so fun. We stopped off at the Black Walnut Bottom access area to Pine Creek… and, after hearing over the past few days about the bubbling in Little Muncy Creek, in Lycoming County, PA, I decided to try to make some bubbles of my own.

We had a fantastic time. I found a mink! He was very mean! The non-native humans playing in the creek with us thought it was an otter, and my master and I both bust out laughing about that.

We do have otters in Pine Creek, but they are a rather rare sight. I worry about the otters, actually. Otters prefer pristine water, and Pine Creek is definitely in jeopardy due to all the Marcellus Shale operations situated in its watershed. Hundreds more are planned to be constructed over the next few years. What a shame.

my lookout spot.

I stood as a sentinel on this rock and watched dozens of people enjoying the creek. Many were tourists, no doubt, enjoying June here in Gasylvania. I welcome them, and I worry that there won’t be much for them to come back to see in the upcoming years. Who would want to play in water laced with frack fluid? Not this dog!

Humans, do you not understand that your waterways are the veins of your existence? Without them, you do not survive. Period. “Oh, Ada,” you say, “you are over-reacting. It’s just a little bit of benzene, with some toluene and what-not here and there, and the gas companies do a fine job of protecting the waterways with their highly responsible erosion and sediment control plans.”

“Really?” says I, “What do you think they are doing in the State Forests where no one is looking?

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just a three-legged rescue dog, bloggin about critical citizenship, the environment, and all sorts of literacy.
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1 Response to bubbles in the creek?

  1. Jack says:

    Pretty dog, was he able to catch any “treats” in the river?
    -Jackie @ Sediment Control

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