tom ridge corrected by dog

Wow, Tom Ridge, I saw you on The Colbert Report and just couldn’t believe my ears! You could learn a lot from a dog, Tom, so let me start educating you. I’d actually like to focus on just two of the lies that you spun. Every good dog knows that lying only gets you in trouble in the long run, Tom–but, then again, you’re not a good dog, so what should I expect?!

The lies: Hydraulic fracturing has been going on for 50 or 60 years, it’s safe, and there’s never been groundwater contamination because of it.

The truth: Not if we are talking about the current wave in PA of high-volume, high-pressure, slickwater fracking using unconventional directional drilling. The first Marcellus well in PA was only drilled a few years ago… think, people, think… Ridge’s statement doesn’t even make sense… if they had this technology, they wouldn’t have been holding off, especially considering how people are going whole-hog right now! Tom’s trying to confuse you into thinking fracking is safe. He said a million of these types of wells have been drilled, and that just ain’t true. If this technology has been around for 50 or 60 years, why the sudden interest in it? The reason is because the particular type of fracking is unique, only developed in the past few years, as the technologies were not sufficiently evolved to obtain Marcellus Shale gas until just recently.

Tom’s lying to you. Here is a lengthy debunking of Tom’s lies, found on the DCNR website: and here is a FAQ page to answer more questions about geological history:

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just a three-legged rescue dog, bloggin about critical citizenship, the environment, and all sorts of literacy.
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11 Responses to tom ridge corrected by dog

  1. HI I saw a link from my cousin , I was born in Wellsboro ,PA .but live in Florida , I love my home town and I was there in 2008 , it is a beautiful state and town and I was really upset about the conditions of the water in the areas and all the gas drilling ( fracking)a mile from my grandfathers farm ,There needs to be something done to stop the drilling , it is too late for some but not for others if we can get the law changed ,everyone needs to really listen and read up on it .\
    Pass the information along and lets get some of the greedy ones out of office, and get it stopped !!

  2. Woof says:

    That interview with Ridge was an embarrassment; I’ve lost all respect for him. You could even see his eyes twitch each time he lied.

  3. beth mckenzie says:

    i am sure that Duke U. would be most interested in your predrill and post drill testing results as their entire study was diacedited for lack of predrill data!
    this frickin’ fracking’ is idiotic!

  4. Tuxi says:

    Hi Ada! I’m Tuxi the cat and I agree with you 100%! Natural gas and fracking suck and I’d love to see Tom Ridge be made to drink a gallon of “fracked” water, then let somebody light a match near his ugly face! You’d probably barbecue the guy but he deserves it for being the liar he’s always been!

  5. Molly (another dog in Tioga County) says:

    Hi Ada Mae,
    Since I’m also a dog, I’m not allowed to sign petitions, but my Humans signed here:
    to stop Scarnati’s bill, which would keep impact fees from communities that are trying to protect themselves by zoning. If you’d like to share it with your Humans, maybe we can make a difference. Thanks for being a good dog!

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  7. Beth Norrad says:

    Love this blog. My critters are going through the same thing here in New Brunswick, Canada and they think you should send this particular blog to Colbert. Bet he’d give you equal air time!

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