hallelujah, senor

Did anyone notice I didn’t blog yesterday? Here’s the problem: my master went away for the day and took his laptop with him. Thankfully he’s back now. I need to get my own laptop, I guess. I wonder if Dell has three-legged dog discounts?

So, I don’t know what he did all day, but when he got back, my master was really upset. It seems he had a rather stressful day, so I found this song on the youtube for him listen to today because it is a calming and pretty song– and because it’s not in English, you don’t even have to bother listening to the words. I think you’ll recognize it. Here it is:

I suppose, unless you speak whatever language this is, that you’ll probably only recognize the word “hallelujah.” I don’t know what that word means exactly, other than that it is an expression humans use to show praise or gratitude, usually toward God.

And you, dear reader who is familiar with my story, you say, “But Ada Mae, why even bother with this word when you’re in the midst of trial?” The reason is because we still need to have some sense of praise or gratitude no matter what the situation. No human, or dog for that matter, can predict the future… so, there is always hope.

So, today while I’m listening to dumptrucks and vaccuum trucks and machines and shouting men, I’m going to be thinking “hallelujah.” I hope my master will, too. Who hopes for what they already have? Hope that is seen is no hope at all! We can continue to hope, humans, in the midst of the noise, that one day we’ll be able to sing a quiet, peaceful word of praise and gratitude… one day…

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just a three-legged rescue dog, bloggin about critical citizenship, the environment, and all sorts of literacy.
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1 Response to hallelujah, senor

  1. SNAG says:

    Thanks Ada Mae. That was much needed.

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