get along lil’ doggie

Have you recently been told that a certain gas company will be doing seismic testing on your property? Tell them to get along, lil’ doggie.

Listen, dogs, don’t be fooled. Ask yourself, before someone showed up on my property to do this, did I know what this involves, and what the risk is? You probably will not be told by the gas company! You need to find out for yourself and not rely on the information from the gas companies.

Currently, there are many men canvassing Tioga County, PA, telling people that they work for a particular gas company doing seismic testing. In fact, they do not. They are independent contractors through a consulting company… and they might not have a right to be on your land. If they treat you like they treated us, they may try to mislead you into thinking that #1, your property is leased and #2, the lease requires you to comply with their demands.

You need to read your lease, if you have one. If you did not lease with a gas company, or if your lease expired, then you do not have to let anyone onto your land. The seismic testing company told my family that their lands were under lease when in fact they were not. They may do the same to you. You need to read your lease.

Depending on what your lease says, you may be able to tell the seismic testing company to get along, lil’ doggie. Tell the company to leave so that you can review your lease. Don’t worry, they will be back. Don’t be surprised if it’s a Sunday afternoon. They know when you’re home. They’ve tried several times on my family’s land so far, and they do not seem to get the “no trespassing” message. Stick up for your rights, humans, and read your lease so that you know what your rights are!

Remember, if you are being asked to sign something to give a company permission to come onto your land, then that seems to imply they do not already have permission to come onto your land (or else they wouldn’t be asking). They will try to contact you over and over– or, at least, today was the third time they tried to get my family to sign something. They evidently think us PA dogs are stupid! Do not be fooled!

About adamaecompton

just a three-legged rescue dog, bloggin about critical citizenship, the environment, and all sorts of literacy.
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2 Responses to get along lil’ doggie

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  2. linda spencer cox says:

    Dear Ada.Mae. you have no idea how much I enjoy your blogs. They are not only informative but very comically written. You are some smart dog, your master has taught you very well. Tell every one Hi for me and don’t forget if those gas men come on your land without your permission, you have my permission to BITE!!!!!!!!!

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