the waters have grown

Me and Mazie Practicing Patriotism in Eagles Mere

What do you think about Memorial Day? What does the word “patriot” mean to you? For us dogs, Memorial Day isn’t as much a day to celebrate as it is a time to ask questions. One of the biggest things I wonder is, “What will Pennsylvania look like in 15 years?” I’ll be an old dog by then–I wonder if there will be anything left to enjoy, and I wonder if I should just move to Montana now so I don’t have to witness PA’s decline.

Last summer, my master and I became patriots. I went on a 14,000 mile road trip with him, all over America, spending most of our time out West. I can’t help but think about that trip on this Memorial Day. Why?

Why not? Isn’t Memorial Day all about honoring the people who serve and die to protect this thing called America? I’m so glad that early on in my life my master took me on this trip to see what on Earth it is that Americans are willing to die to protect. I don’t think I would have ever understood patriotism if I had never seen our country.

I feel a particular patriotism toward Pennsylvania. I love this place! There is so much to do and to explore. Yesterday, I went to Eagles Mere to visit a new friend named Mazie. She’s an English Bulldog, but she’s not a bully at all. (I was afraid she’d be like those dogs that run Harrisburg.) I’d never been to Eagles Mere before. It is gorgeous, and Mazie’s house is awesome!

But what will happen to Eagles Mere? This picturesque little town will drown in the corporate greed that is rushing over all of Pennsylvania, I’m afraid. Things will not always be as they were here in Pennsylvania. The times, they are a-changin’.

Take a moment on this Memorial Day to be thankful for what has been protected for your sake. And take a moment to listen to the song below. Its words ring so true, especially for Pennsylvania. The waters are growing, PA. Here’s the song, with much thanks to Peter, Paul, Mary, Bob, and (ironically enough for today) Japan:

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