How to Use PA’s eMaps Website to Find Gas Wells

A lot of people in PA are wondering, “Where are gas pads and gas wells going to be constructed?”

Did you know you can find this out online?
Although a bit clunky to use, PA’s emaps website will allow you to zoom in to see where wells are located–and where they will be located–throughout the state. Note that some of these wells are very old, and some are abandoned or plugged… so, to be sure what you are looking at, it is advisable to make sure to use the “info” tool at the top of the viewer page and click on a particular well. A pop-up window will tell you all there is to know about that well.

Screenshot of the PA eMaps website

Feel free to ask me any questions for how to use the emaps site. You need to play around with the tools a bit to get things to work well (pun intended). For example, under the “features” tab, it’s helpful to check the box for transportation information. This allows you to judge where you are on the map because it will display the roads.
Also, under the “facilities” tab, you will want to check the box for “oil and gas locations.” You will then have to use the zoom tool to zoom into a certain level before the green dots will show up to indicate exactly where the wells are located. Make sure your pop-up blocker is off, zoom all the way in on a particular well, and then use the aforementioned “info” tool.
Like I said, this is clunky to use. BUT, if a three-legged dog can do it, so can you!

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