Dear Pennsylvania, Why do you have such a short term memory? Do you not recall where past promises of prosperity left you after the timber, tanning, and coal mining industries died out a few decades ago? Your once-booming towns are now barely alive…

Alaska sits on a vast reserve natural resources. Every Alaskan citizen receives a royalty check from those resources each year. But here in PA, despite your position on top of Marcellus Shale, your citizens have trouble paying jacked-up rents and escalating school taxes. Sense is evidently common in Alaska and rare in Pennsylvania…

Gasylvania is how I will now refer to this state.

My master wrote the poem below, which he said I can share with you. Here it is:

how little
we remember
Penn walked
these woods–
not on trail
of man or machine,
but panther,
wolf, elk,
and wolverine.
how little
we remember
men clearcut
these woods–
all to wail
by man and machine,
for lumber,
masts, paper,
and tanning.
how little
we remember
men mined
these woods–
out to fail
by man and machine,
for iron,
ore, coke,
and coal.
how much
was forgot
about Penn
and clearcutting
and mining
men leased
these woods—
now on bail
by man and machine,
for gas.
new centuries
of false promises
of prosperity
are now ours
in Gasylvania.

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just a three-legged rescue dog, bloggin about critical citizenship, the environment, and all sorts of literacy.
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