don’t stop believing

some will win, some will loose. some will want to sing the blues.

One of the things that strikes people when they meet me is how fast I can get around even though I only have three legs. The other day I was in the vet’s office, which I love, and I met a lady in a wheelchair. I bounced up to her and said hi, and then she asked my master a few of the common questions I get. If he would have kept his mouth shut, this is what I would have told her:

What’s my name?

don’t stop!

I might be the only dog you know whose name is an acronymn. Are you familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act? The ADA is where “Ada” comes from. My master thought it was fitting–my old name was “Roxy” and that wasn’t something he was interested in saying. Also, the best dog names are German. My master had a massage therapist once named Ada Mae, and she was German, so that’s where I got my middle name..

What happened to my leg?

If you’ve read my home page, then you know the short answer is that I got hit in the road. I was brought up to Tioga County, PA, by a gas field worker and then left here as a stray when he went back to Texas. After I was hit in the road, I was dropped off at the vet’s office. This is where my front leg was amputated and where I met some really nice people who eventually found a home for me with my current master. He has a lot of rules, but at least he lets me use the Internet.

Well, I don’t know who that lady was because I didn’t get her name. If I could say one thing to people facing challenges, physical or otherwise, it would be, “Don’t stop believing.” After my leg was amputated, sure I wondered for awhile whether I would be happy again, but I resolved myself to the belief that even if things are not the way they “ought” to be, you can still be happy.


radical acceptance

This is called radical acceptance. It is radical to accept that things can be not all right and yet still be alright. I’m a pretty energetic dog, three-legged or not, I will still get around. (And I will not be called Tripod!) I put some of my favorite pictures up today to show you how I get around, and below is a youtube video of a good song to perk up your morning.

It’s not by my favorite singer (Kelly Clarkson), but I do like the energy.

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just a three-legged rescue dog, bloggin about critical citizenship, the environment, and all sorts of literacy.
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